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Little bottles with a big mission

Little bottles with a big mission

Hello lovely! Thanks for stopping by! If you've been following along on socials for a while, you may know what Nuni is all about. I find it tricky to squeeze all of my hopes and dreams for Nuni into one sentence, or 'elevator pitch', so here goes! Nuni Wellness is the realisation of a desire to develop a brand to inspire women to create a breast care ritual. Beautiful skincare products to promote optimal breast health, and make checking your boobs an enjoyable experience. My mission is to do whatever is within my power to help increase self-awareness around women’s breast health in a modern, fun way. 

'Prevention and early detection is key - and with the help of Nüni, I’m on a mission to improve breast wellness, two boobs at a time!'

As a result of testing positive for an abnormal BRCA2 gene, and subsequent risk reduction double mastectomy, I was inspired to create Nüni – a brand encouraging women to get to know their boobs better. I’ve created a luxe, plant-based serum, ‘Boob Oil’, to inspire a breast care ritual. 

Nüni Boob Oil, combined with regular breast massage can help to enhance the appearance, tone & texture of your breasts, soften tissue, stimulate lymphatic drainage, promote circulation, flush toxins, reduce hormonal tenderness, and most importantly, increase self-awareness. Designed for quick daily use, and to complement a more thorough monthly self-check, Boob Oil really has been made for all women at every stage of life. 

Also available is a Scar Serum, developed after failing to find a 100% natural, toxin free corrective treatment to address my own surgical scars, this formulation can help to diminish the appearance of scars post breast surgery. 

Removal and or reconstruction of your breasts can be a terribly confronting period, and it can take some time to adjust to the new additions, so this Scar Serum can be a game changer in regaining confidence after breast surgery - whether it be medical or cosmetic in nature. 

'I believe that the more we educate, gain knowledge, practise self-care and nourish our bodies inside and out, the greater peace of mind we can achieve. And the more likely we are to see positive changes to breast cancer statistics.' 

The past 18 months have been spent considering every element of Nuni and my hopes and dreams for the business: 

THE MISSION - to change the way women feel about their breast health. We simply need to be more proactive. Wellness lies in our hands. Nüni is a new generation of personal care, created specifically for breasts. We’re committed to changing the stigma of checking your boobs away from a clinical, sterile, scary place - to a place of empowered self-care, ritual, true wellness. 

THE DESIGN - creating an aesthetic that would appeal to women of all ages. Cos honestly, it needs to look pretty on your bathroom counter, right?! It was crucial that the design reflected the modern, light approach Nüni is taking to help improve breast wellness. As someone who loves nothing more than receiving an order in the mail that’s been beautifully packaged with all of the extra bits of goodness, that is exactly my intention with every Nüni order. Design & packaging that will give you the warm & fuzzies. 

THE INGREDIENTS - pure botanical oils that absorb and nourish; that have potent healing and protective properties, and benefit your body on so many levels. Toxin free, organic, natural, vegan & cruelty free, always.


THE SCENT - this was the fun bit! I’d be forever waving petrie dishes under any nose that entered my home - it needed to be not too floral, not too hippie, calming but uplifting, fresh - and after 172 scrapped formulas, I think it’s just right! Because if something smells lush, you’ll be more inclined to use it every day, right?! 

THE FOOTPRINT - we respect Mother Earth and source materials with her in mind. Premium quality glass bottles, with glass droppers and outer cardboard tubes, enviro friendly eco-wrap and plastic free postage wherever possible. 

Well guys, that's Nüni in a nutshell! Thank you for joining in at the very start of our journey into upgrading women’s breast health and awareness! There are so many exciting things in the pipeline for 2019, kicking off with an amazing blog series showcasing Nuni Women, featuring a bunch of exceptional women discussing all things life, wellness & breast health (in a really candid and thought provoking way). I'll also be posting more on my own story and BRCA2 journey - after all, it's where the idea behind Nuni was conceived. 

Welcome to the family.  

Love & happy boobs,

Dayle x