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Nuni Women Series - Cassey Maynard

Nuni Women Series - Cassey Maynard

Getting to know Cassey!

Sydney-based fitness trainer, Cassey Maynard, also known as ‘The Energiser’, is up there with some of the most high-vibing humans you’ll ever meet. On a mission to live her healthiest, happiest and most energised life, she’s an inspiration to us all to live a healthy, fit and balanced life, too! I love that Cassey keeps it real. She acknowledges that we’re all leading busy lives, and is passionate about approaching wellness with positivity and not too much fuss (and without needing to sacrifice that glass of red).   

Another thing I adore about Cassey is that she’s not afraid to share her vulnerable side with her community. She talks openly about the fact that she hasn’t always had a super positive mindset or the healthiest of relationships with her body; and pinpoints her negative self-body image as the reason for undergoing a boob job, increasing her cup size from a B to an E. “I originally got my implants in 2008 when I was living in Dubai working as an air hostess for Emirates,” Cassey openly shared. “I was 25 and felt I was not good enough. I was constantly comparing myself to all the gorgeous girls I worked alongside so I joined the ‘plastic fantastic’ trend to fit in and feel better about myself.” Cassey recently decided to undergo ‘explant’ surgery, to have her implants of 11 years removed. She shares more about this journey, and how she’s reacquainting herself with her new/old girls, below!  

Where do you call home?

North Bondi in Sydney

What do you love about living there?

Being able to walk everywhere! Bondi has so much to offer, a beautiful beach, great cafes, bars, restaurants, training studios and an epic community of people. It has everything I need hence why it’s hard to leave the ‘Bondi Bubble’! 

Cassey Maynard Bondi

Tell us about your ideal day situation!

I wake up around 6am, hydrate my body, Meditate, journal, some sort of movement, coffee, breakfast then work. I’m obsessed with a kick ass morning routine. Anything after that is a good day!

 I spend a lot of time..... 

Walking the promenade in Bondi. I call them hot laps! It’s a great way to get my steps up while catching up with friends or having a work meeting. WIN WIN!

 What is your go-to breakfast?

A shit load of in season veggies sautéed, eggs and avocado…. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM 

Bennett St Dairy

Current favourite podcast / book? 

Book ‘Make it Happen’ by Jordanna Levin

Podcast ‘The Middle’. 

 One thing that might surprise people about me is: 

I recently got my breast implants removed after 11 years of having them and I’ve never felt sexier!

Cassey Maynard Explant Surgery

What does self-care mean to you?

It means doing something that brings me joy and lights me up. Today it means working from bed in my PJs!

 How do your breasts form part of your self-care routine, if at all? 

I’ve just started working with an amazing lady who is helping me reconnect with my new/old boobies, so that means massaging every day, checking in with what they need and awakening energy from within me. 

Two words to describe your boobs:

Soft + Sexy

 What do you think of when you hear the term breast wellness? 

Checking in with our ladies every day!

 How often do you conduct a self-breast check? (Is this something you dedicate time to doing, or is it more a case of a sporadic feel in the shower every now and then)?

It used to be once in a blue moon but now I’m truly learning the importance of this and trying to do it every day.


If you do check your boobs, do you feel confident that you're doing it right, and know what changes to be aware of? 

Yes I do as I’ve been shown how to do this correctly. I feel much more confident doing it now that I have my real boobies back!

Do you recall being educated about breast wellness / awareness when you were younger? By whom?

Absolutely NOT! Which is so bloody scary.

Sadly, current statistics show that 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Have you ever been indirectly or directly affected by breast cancer, or know someone who has?

I know of people around me that have been affected but fortunately no-one in my immediate circle of friends or family.

The name Nuni is a direct reference to the slang name 'noonies' that our founder, Dayle's family referred to breasts as when she was a little girl. Do you recall using a slang name, or has it always been the anatomically correct term? 

I love the term ‘noonies’. I didn’t have any fun names like that haha. Boobies is as fun as it got!

From our research, young women tend to avoid regularly showing their lady lumps any love, and instead plan to start having breast checks when they're closer to screening age. What do you think can be done to encourage young women to get to know their boobs better?

I think more information needs to be shared across social media and at events. I feel like that’s where girls look for information these days. I’m hoping I can share to my followers the importance of self boobie checks!

Cassey Maynard

Wow, thanks so much Cassey! It really goes to show that so many of us have ‘stuff’ going on with our tatas; and it’s crucial that we start having more open conversations about all things boobs, so that we can all feel informed and empowered about our breast wellness! Guys, if you like your social media feed to be equal parts good vibes, practical advice and engaging, real AF content - do yourself a favour and go give Cassey a follow over at @casseymaynard, and find more on her here. Her gorgeous smiley face would be a welcome addition to anyone’s feed!    

With love & happy boobs, Dayle x

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