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Nuni Women Series - Leela Kalyani

Nuni Women Series - Leela Kalyani

Getting to know Leela

Leela Kalyani, known as Padmini Yoni, is a guide for women wanting to remember and reclaim their sexuality and power. Leela guides women into embodying and experiencing the fullness of their sensual, feminine essence through various offerings of bodywork, online mentoring sessions, workshops, online courses and more. 

Having had a session with Leela myself, I can vouch for the fact that she is truly beautiful at holding space for women to heal, evolve and learn how to listen to our body's truth so that we can live more wholesome and pleasure-filled lives. 

So many of us are moving through life with stagnant energy, built up physical and emotional tension, experiences as well as  'stories' that we've inherited or learnt along the way, that may not be serving our highest selves. Leela creates space for women to welcome home all parts of themselves in order to be fully integrated with their power and truth, and shed the things that no longer serve them.

Let's dive on into what this beauty has to say. 

Where do you call home Leela?

At the beginning of the year I moved up to the Northern Rivers (Byron) from Sydney. Some of the many things I adore about being here is the slower pace of life, the lush nature I’m surrounded by and the abundance of beautiful souls that I’ve met since moving here that have supported me to feel so instantly at home.

Leela Kalyani

Tell us about your ideal day situation!

Mmmm waking up, making love, meditating, having a yummy beverage, heading down to the beach for a run, some sun and a swim, working with some beautiful clients in the realms of embodiment, sexual healing and self-love. Then slowing right down, cooking up a nourishing dinner to share with a friend or lover before snuggling back into bed again! I’m a real morning person, evenings are usually my quiet time. Getting plenty of rest is vital for me to stay on top of my wellness and business.

First thing you did this morning:

Meditated, made a celery juice and went for a run on the beach. 

What’s your go-to breakfast:

A delicious cacao elixir with medicinal mushrooms, coconut milk, cayenne pepper and cardamom.

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I’m currently working on…

Using exercise and diet in devotion to my body, with a desire to nourish and nurture my body not punish it. In the past I used to be quite obsessed with exercising and dieting to look a certain way, fit certain stereotypes of what society deemed to be a ‘good body’ … I feel so grateful to have moved through that phase and am now using movement and food as ways to connect and love this gift that is the body I get to live in.

One thing that might surprise people about me is: 

That I have a degree in Communications in Social and Political Sciences.

Current fave books / podcasts?

I’m currently re-reading Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. This book continues to give me deeper insights into the wild feminine nature that pulsates through me and every other woman on this planet.

My favourite podcast at the moment is On Being - I listened to a recent interview with Esther Perell on Erotic Intelligence and it blew my mind!

Women Who Run with Wolves

Tell us what makes your heart skip a beat?


Self-care has become quite the buzz word of late. What does it mean to you?

For me self-care invokes this sense of being able to listen to what my body is needing and knowing how to fill up my own cup.  I love to serve from a place of fullness, and if I don’t maintain regular self-care practices I’ve seen my ability to show up for friends, family and clients suffer.

There are various rituals I do on a regular basis that keep me anchored in my body, feeling energised, activated and on purpose.

A major part of this is my self-pleasure practice which involves activating my sexual energy and spreading it through my entire body,  with a focus on drawing it up to my heart-space and up to my crown to feel my connection to the divine.

My self-care also includes moving my body, whether running or the beach or dancing at home, and maintaining a regular meditation practice to keep my mind at bay and not running the show all the time.

How do your breasts form part of your self-care routine, if at all? 

Breast massage is how I begin most of my self-pleasure sessions. In tantra it is said that a woman’s breasts are a physical extension of her heart. Starting self-pleasure at the heart through breast massage is vital to allow the body to feel soft, loved and safe to open sexually.

I’m constantly touching my breasts, and love doing regular breast massage particularly when I get out of the shower. I think my devotion to my heart and the frequency of touching my breasts is one reason they feel so full and juicy.

Leela Padmini

Two words to describe your boobs:

Loved & Luscious

What do you think of when you hear the term breast wellness? 

Having a deep and devotional connection with our breasts and loving them up on a daily basis. 

Do you recall being educated around breast wellness / awareness when you were growing up? By whom?

Nope. It was mentioned at some point that I should look for lumps in my breasts, but nothing was ever mentioned about just nourishing my breasts for the sake of it.

Do you think women are disconnected with their breasts? Why do you think this might be the case?

YES. We live in a world that doesn’t value the body in general. Many of us are so stuck up in our minds, searching for answers outside of ourselves abandoning the magic, beauty and wisdom that exists within our bodies.  As a result so many women I work with feel totally detached, numb and disconnected from the power of their breasts.

The patriarchal paradigm values acting, doing, completing.. this go-go-go frame of mind doesn’t create the space to just be and experience life through all our senses, to feel embodied or connected to our inner truth and intuition.

I believe that humans that are disconnected from their body’s wisdom and heart’s truth are more easily controlled … so for me it is an act of reclamation and rebellion to say “screw that”, and live life on my terms, guided by the inner compass of my heart and that begins by coming back down into our bodies, breathing, sounding and allowing ourselves to feel it all.

As a womb healer and feminine empowerment coach (goddess), you’ve offered workshops for women around reconnecting to the breasts and heart centre. Can you tell us more about how important this work is for the collective?

We are living in a powerful time of feminine reclamation, an energy that has been suppressed and denied for centuries. 

The feminine for me is the ability in both women and men to feel deeply, to love, to nurture, to create, to flow, to be sensual and deeply embodied. The work I do is primarily with women wanting to reclaim their bodies, their sexuality and their power which often involves needing support and guidance in the realms of sexual healing. When first entering this work I believe nourishing the heart through the breasts is often the first step.

Due to media and conditioning so many women dislike the way their breasts look, they feel detached or like they don’t fully own this part of their body and as a result feel disconnected from them. As a result so many women are not accessing the orgasmic potential of their breasts and hearts.

The Breast Workshop that my beautiful friend Georgia Grace and I created was to support women in really reclaiming their breasts as their own, stepping into their sensuality, learning how this part of their body wanted to be touched, what they wanted to share, what stories they held and beginning to unravel any belief systems or experiences of trauma and grief around their breasts that were no longer serving.

It was a beautiful space that really illuminated the collective story so many women have around their bodies and in creating a safe space we could share our experiences and through some beautiful and simple rituals support one another in coming into a place of deeper self-love. 

Similarly through my bodywork and 1:1 coaching sessions there is always a big emphasis on clearing or de-armoring the heart-space and connecting in with the breasts before diving into the womb or yoni. 

Leela Kalyani

Due to the dense nature of breast tissue in younger women, there is no evidence to support the use of mammographic screening in women under 40. Given that the only method of early detection of breast cancer for young women is through breast awareness, what do you think can be done to encourage young women to get to know their boobs better now, rather than putting it off until they reach screening age of 50?

Daily touch. Because of the relationship I have with my breasts I know what they should feel like and feel confident that if something abnormal emerged I’d be able to notice that straight away.

I think young girls should be encouraged from a young age to love and touch all parts of their bodies, especially their breasts so that the only attention we give to our breasts is not merely to check for abnormalities but for the sake of giving them love and gratitude.

The name Nuni is a direct reference to the slang name ‘noonies’, which is what Nuni’s founder Dayle’s family referred to breasts as during her childhood. What did you call them?

Bosoms! I remember this song by Cornershop called Brimful of Asha that I used to listen to when I was young and I always loved the line “everybody needs a bosom for a pillow” … I agree we all do from time to time.

What is one simple thing the lovely ladies reading this at home can do TODAY in order to start embracing the full spectrum of their womanhood!?

Take some moments to breathe, down into your body. Acknowledge and offer gratitude for every experience this body has been through to get you to this moment right now. Put one hand on your belly to connect to your womb and one on your breasts to drop into your heart and just take a few moments here honouring this temple that is your body.


Thank you Leela for taking part in this interview with such love and openness. I'm sure the goddesses reading this will love soaking up the goodness that you've infused into these answers, particularly when it comes to reminding us to nurture and love on our breasts and heart space 'just because'. Find out how to work with Leela here, and check out her beautiful Instagram feed. 

So grateful for your words and the work you do.

With love & happy boobs, Dayle x

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