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Nuni Women Series - Ash Pollard

Ash Pollard

Getting to know Ash...

She can do it all this girl. Whether it be cooking up a storm, wowing us on the dancefloor, holding her own in the jungle, or presenting on TV or radio, she’s just so full of sass and personality; and the epitome of entertaining. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve caught a glimpse or two of this absolute firecracker of a woman, Ash Pollard! And she’s sticking around – over the next few years I’m positive you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from her. 

My Kitchen Rules was the springboard that encouraged Ash to follow her passion for edible adventures, and after cooking up a storm on MKR, she went from this to Dancing with the stars, and then on to becoming a host with the Seven network and filming a series of cooking and etiquette webisodes with Yahoo7, navigating the African jungle on I’m a Celebrity, hosting a number 1 radio show on Sea FM, AND her own cooking show Foodie Adventures with Ash Pollard on Channel Ten, where Ash travels to exotic destinations and discovers drool-worthy cuisine. I don't think this girl sleeps!!!

With a personality as vibrant as her locks, I’m so excited to chat with her about all things life, wellness and boobaes.

Where do you call home?

Goodness me, it’s taken me quite some time to establish a base (a place I call home). I’ve lived a nomadic life or as long as I can remember; chasing happiness, adventure and a career that excites me and forever keeps me wanting more… with those elements in action I’d have to say Melbourne  is where I call home, I absolutely adore the place. 

What do you love about living there?

The food. Restauranteurs have a real knack for leveraging the diverse culture here in Melbourne. There’s something for everyone, even a greasy kebab (after a night out)  here is top notch – no joke, I’ve had one that deserves a chefs hat!

Tell us about your ideal day situation!

Tough one. Security in my industry. I could elaborate but I’ll be going for hours. 

I spend a lot of time..... 

Stressing over silly things! Stress is the absolute worst! Thinking about what I should cook for dinner. Ha!


One thing that might surprise people about me is: 

I am fastidious when it comes to keeping my home neat and tidy. Everything has a place and I CANNOT stand mess. 

What is your go-to breakfast? 

Breaky ‘smoo’ I like to call it. Almond milk, frozen banana, frozen berries and a handful of spinach! PLUS a piccolo latte. 

Current favourite podcast / book? 

The Teachers Pet podcast, can’t get enough. OMG I listen to it from the car then put my earphones in and listen whilst I do my groceries.

What does self-care mean to you? 

I don’t know. Perhaps my answer is enough for me to realise that I need to focus more on myself. 

How do your breasts form part of your self-care routine, if at all? 

I try to put them in the right bra but apart from that I rarely consider them. And it’s not like they’re hard to miss!!! 

Two words to describe your boobs.

Luscious and voluptuous

Ash Pollard

What do you think of when you hear the term breast wellness? 

Should be more of it quite frankly!

How often do you conduct a self-breast check? (Is this something you dedicate time to doing, or is it more a case of a sporadic feel in the shower every now and then)? 

Every month. After having a fibroadenoma removed its crucial I make sure I check regularly.

If you do check your boobs, do you feel confident that you're doing it right, and know what changes to be aware of? Do you recall being educated about breast wellness / awareness when you were younger? By whom?

Absolutely. Having had a scare already I’m very aware of my boobs, any slight abnormality I’m on to it immediately.

Sadly, current statistics show that 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Have you ever been indirectly or directly affected by breast cancer, or know someone who has? 

My Gran had a mastectomy and my Nan's sister also. Although I wasn’t alive yet when they were diagnosed, they lived to tell their stories when I was finally old enough to understand. Breast implants weren’t an option then either. But it wasn’t until I found a lump in my boob that I even began to consider educating myself further and being more aware.

The name Nüni is a direct reference to the slang name ‘noonies’, which is what Nuni’s founder Dayle’s family referred to breasts as when she was little. Do you recall using a similar slang name, or has it always been the anatomically correct term?

Boobyanas (not pronounced ‘anna’, more like ‘ah-na’)

From our research, young women tend to avoid regularly showing their lady lumps any love, and instead plan to start having breast checks when they're closer to screening age (50ish). What do you think can be done to encourage young women to get to know their boobs better?

More people like you and me speaking out and using our platforms to raise awareness! Share your stories even with a friend. 

Thanks so much for chatting Ash! And yasssss!! Here’s to speaking out and using our platforms to raise awareness about the importance of keeping in touch with our boobyanas !!

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With love & happy boobs, 

Dayle x